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Our Innovation Partners

Advanced Optical Detection Technology
Agile App Development and UI/UX Design
Flexible Cloud Management and API Integration
Quickly Expandable Testing Portfolio

What We Offer

As connected healthcare becomes increasingly essential for the future of healthcare, we provide turnkey solutions for the entire POCT and at-home testing journeys, from developing rapid tests, readers, Apps, and cloud management to manufacturing products with quality assurance.

Versatile Platforms for Your Needs

We have created various digital diagnostic platforms suitable for both POCT and at-home testing. The design and development of your new connected healthcare solutions can be accelerated based on the platform of your choice.

Smartphone Connectivity
Data Digitalization
Consumer Affordability

PixoTech® Vision platform can accommodate various test cassette designs. It comes with an embedded color screen, and more detailed information can be displayed on the smartphone via Bluetooth for family household or personal health monitoring.

  • Multiplex testing with quantitative results

  • Testing hub for family members


PixoTech® Mobile platform truly reflects iXensor’s core PixoTech® which turns ordinary smartphones into medical-grade diagnostic devices. Test results are displayed directly on the smartphone for individual monitoring and can be shown to healthcare professionals for personalized consultations.

  • Semi-quantitative results

  • Serves as a personal testing hub


PixoTech® BT platform directly displays analytic results on a device or smartphone. It is the ideal companion testing device for decentralized clinical testing (DCT) or gathering real-world evidence (RWE).

  • Quantitative results

  • Ideal for dedicated multiplex biomarkers

For more technology and platform details, please click download

Why Choose iXensor

We integrate interdisciplinary expertise in areas of medical engineering, biochemistry, and information technology to develop innovative diagnostic solutions that empower tomorrow’s connected healthcare.

Advanced Optical Detection Technology

  • PixoTech® Smart Color Sensing

  • LighteningPCR™ Rapid Molecular Testing

  • 80+ international patents granted

Rapid Product Development

  • Proven medical-grade technology platforms

  • Accelerated development via platform approach

  • Quickly expandable testing portfolio

Agile APP & Cloud Service Development

  • Medical-grade software

  • Health app with user-centric UI/UX

  • GDPR, HL7, HIPAA compliant

Cost-Efficient Manufacturing

  • Dynamic supply chain management to mitigate risk

  • Shortened time frame from mock-up to mass

  • Production management excellence


Collaboration Process

In addition to the platform-based development approach, we can also design and develop your digital lateral flow and colorimetric testing solutions from scratch according to your specific requirements and business objectives.

Understand solution requirements and objectives

Propose project plan with quotation based on discussed agreement

Scout technology and identify optimal solution

Design and develop solution with agreed-upon checkpoints

Manufacture product with quality assurance


Breakthrough Innovation.
First-Rate Quality.

iXensor, a pioneer in mobile health, turns ordinary smartphones into versatile lab-grade medical diagnostic devices for point-of-care and at-home testing solutions. Our PixoTech® -based innovation, PixoTest® Glucose, is the world’s first US FDA-approved smartphone camera-based blood test!

ISO 13485 and QMS/GMP compliance

  • ISO 13485 compliance for medical device

  • ISO 27001 for information security

  • MDSAP (2020/2021)

Worldwide regulatory experience

  • FDA

  • CE for IVDD

  • Certifications for other key markets


We deepen our joint efforts on a series of new product developments, thus expanding our testing and diagnostic business through a wave of digital transformation.

Hidetoshi Segi
Chief Strategy Officer of Rohto Pharmaceutical

We are delighted to partner with iXensor for the development of our PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test with a fully integrated hardware, App and cloud solution, all being manufactured in a cost-effective manner.

Xavier Guerin
President of Europe at Innova Medical Group

At Ilara Health, we strive to bridge the diagnostics divide in Africa by connecting healthcare facilities to devices that are disrupting the diagnostic landscape, so we are thrilled to be partnered with iXensor.

Emilian Popa
Co-founder & CEO of Ilara Health

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our PixoTech®-based platforms can be tailored to provide testing solutions for various fields of applications, ranging from livestock to plant diseases.

Together We Accelerate Connected Healthcare

Let us answer your questions or address challenges your company may be facing.

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